EMT 100 – Emergency Medical Technician

EMT 100 (7.5 units) is the only course required for students seeking to become a state certified EMT. Cosumnes River College’s Emergency Medical Technology course (EMT 100) is designed to provide the student with the skills and knowledge to apply for certification as an EMT in the State of California. Successful completion of the EMT 100 course is mandatory for all individuals who wish to pursue State of California certification as an EMT and  is the first step to starting a career working on an ambulance. EMT certification is also a pre-employment requirement for most professional fire departments. Together with varying levels of actual on-the-job experience, it is often required for admission to paramedic training programs throughout the state and country.


  • Hands-on practice in administering proper emergency medical care
  • Preparation for the EMT state certification test (NREMT)
  • First step in pursuing paramedic license
  • 68 hours of clinical emergency room and ambulance experience

Required Text:

Emergency Care and Transport for the Sick and Injured, by AAOS (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 11th Edition: ISBN  9781284080179 (paperback).  The Book has been revised many times.  You may just use the free website listed below to complement the Text Book –  Online Text Book at

EMT 102 – Emergency Medical Care Refresher

This (1.5 units) course provides everything a current state certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) needs for state re-certification. EMS related topics include current standards for airway management and ventilation, cardiac care and resuscitation, patient assessment, injury management, legal and ethical issues, vital signs, monitoring and assisting with medication administration. All students that have a  (current or expired) EMT certification should review the current  re-certification guidelines at the Sacramento County Emergency Medical Services website.

This course does not provide skills verification for the NREMT. EMTs seeking NREMT rectification must have skills signed off by thier Employer (EMS agency, FireDepartment). Only the EMT’s  employer may sign that they are maintain skills as verified by your Training Program Director, Director of Operations or Physician Medical Director. (Requires signature on your re-certification application validating competency of skills). EMTs that are not employed as EMTs cannot renew as active EMTs per NREMT. Please see the NREMT website for more information.